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Frozen Song: Najmun Nahar Keya

Written by Labiba Kabir 


Happening now at the newly opened DrikPath Bhobon at Panthapath, "Chobi Mela Shunno'' has successfully created a space for artists, thinkers, activists, and visionaries in self-reflective, experimental processes. "Frozen Song'', an exhibition of the festival, depicts the diversity and transformation of Drik and Pathshala. It is inspired by Bashirul Haq, the architect of DrikPath Bhobon.


Haq's work, the materials he worked with, and the inspirations behind his architecture play an integral role in this exhibition, curated by Najmun Nahar Keya. His work with wood, light and shadow, wind, metal, and glass are elements the artists of "Frozen Song" worked with.