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The National Feature

Written by Anna Seamen 


With only 35 galleries exhibiting at this year’s edition – five fewer than last year’s – Abu Dhabi Art is smaller than most in the world, but the quality of the art has not been compromised. It has the feel of a boutique fair, where visitors and collectors can take their time to explore the gallery booths, and perhaps even find time to return and widen their knowledge and experience of art. Some gallery directors say this intimate climate is extremely beneficial. Stéphane Custot, founder of Dubai’s Custot Gallery and co-director of London’s Waddington Custot, says he has worked with several larger art fairs and the bigger they get, the greater the risk of losing their essence. "I love art fairs," he says. "They are my area of expertise – and when I see a small fair like Abu Dhabi Art, I see a lot of potential.