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Abir Karmakar - Artists - Aicon Contemporary

Born 1977, Siliguri, India

After graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 2003, Karmakar began participating in a number of group shows throughout India. He landed his first solo exhibition in 2005 with his from my photo album series, where he created a photo-realistic atmosphere full of titillating, androgynous self-portraits. He has been a part of several group shows all over the world following his solo show.

His informal, yet highly-detailed and voyeuristic self-portraits, in which he places his naked body in intimate settings, are a recurring theme in his work. Karmakar questions the notions and formalities of gender, sexuality, intimacy and the complex relationships a person can have, not just with others, but with oneself.

The artist lives and works in Baroda, India.