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Gigi Scaria | Life, Death, and Miscellaneous -  - Exhibitions - Aicon Contemporary

The alienating experience of urban life, which has been at the centre of Gigi Scaria’s work for more than a decade, finds renewed idioms in the artist’s latest exhibition. Life, Death, and Miscellaneous, highlights fragments of cityscapes as they violently intersect with elements of nature alongside the fragmentation of the psyche contending with this brutal detachment. Our recent collective experiences of isolation and loneliness—even in grief and death—inform Scaria’s new body of work that seeks the hidden and the unseen. What lies beyond the unstoppable proliferation of objects and structures in a built environment? What remains concealed behind these impervious forms? Looking at the hollow and closed assemblages of urbanity that are steeped in ambition and aspiration, Scaria examines all that seeps out of their cracks into our inner worlds.