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Adeel Uz Zafar | Monomania

Written by Andrew Shea 


The term monomania can be deĮned as “an excessive interest or enthusiasm for a single thing or idea; obsession.” In thissense, the term relatesto the work of Adeel uz Zafar both in terms of his consistently recurring subject maƩer (children’s toys eerily wrapped in gauze or bandages) and his now-signature reducƟve technique of scraping away at a black latex surface line by line to give rise to seemingly three-dimensional Įgures. This technique, central to Zafar’s pracƟce, allows him to build up intricately textured forms through a simple acƟon of mark-making repeated thousands of Ɵmes. The resulƟng Įgures, whatever deeper meaning they may hold, immediately strike the viewer as the product of obsession.