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Step inside the reinvented Seattle Asian Art Museum, set to reopen after 3 years

Written by Brendan Kiley 


“Some/One,” the beloved 2001 sculpture by Korean artist Do Ho Suh, is one of those objects that keeps revealing itself the longer you look. At first it sparkles, snagging the eye like a fishhook — but its shiny, scaly surface hides a deeper, sadder weight.

Made from tens of thousands of stainless-steel, military-style dog tags, “Some/One” is roughly person-shaped (if that person were 8 feet tall), a shining suit of armor with a regal, circular train that pools around it like a lake of mercury. That train is an impressive 24 feet, 4 inches in diameter — and as far as curator Xiaojin Wu is concerned, Seattle Asian Art Museum’s recent renovation was for “Some/One” as much as anyone.