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"I think I maintain my sanity by simply residing in my art. I want to transcend daily life and escape what's handed down to me by the government or what's narrated in the media. But I also remember what Picasso ostensibly said about art being a lie that makes us realize the truth. So for me, art is about coming to terms with reality and moving away from it to invent something that may ultimately be more accurate then what a photograph can depict." - Adeela Suleman

Publisher: Skira 

Editor: Rosa Maria Falvo

Art Director: Marcello Francone

Design: Luigi Fiore

Editorial Coorination: Emma Cazzini

Copy Editing: Anna Albano

Layout: Sara Salvi

Publication Date: 2020

Dimensions: 73.66 x 47 x 7.62 cm

Pages: 224

ISBN: 978-88-572-4166-1

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$55.00 USD