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Born 1972, Partapur, Rajasthan

MFA (Painting) Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda. Gujarat (1997)
BFA (Painting) Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda. Gujarat (1995)
Founder of artist initiative Sandarbh. Sandarbh is a not for profit organization run by artists working in rural areas.

The artist lives and works in Mumbai.

Select Solo Exhibitions

2008 Mistake, Aicon Gallery, London
Metastasis of Signs, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
2007 Tentuaa Dabaa Do (kill her).., Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
2006 I want to be an international artist, solo performance, Seoul Art Center, Korea
Mutants, Sarjan Art Gallery, Baroda, Gujarat
Maya, Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery, Mumbai
Clone Vithalla, Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery, Mumbai
2005 Baar Baar Har Baar Kitni Baar? Installation and performance, Sarjan Art Gallery, Baroda
2004 Conkers Installation Project, Spike Island, Bristol, U.K.
Designer Babies, Ashish Balaram Nagpal Gallery, Mumbai
2003 New Breed / Hybrid, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2002 Commemorative Stamps, Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery, Mumbai; Jawahar Kala Kendra,
Floating thoughts, interactive site specific installation, Brisbane, Australia
1999 So What, Fine Art Company, Mumbai
Mumbai Metaphor, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
Wall Paper, Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai
1998 This has been done before, Shahjehan Art Gallery, New Delhi
1997 Harmony show, Reliance group of Industries, Mumbai
50 Years of Indian Independence, All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (New Delhi), Ravi
Shankar Rawal Bhavan, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
1996 Desirable Objects, Leela Kempenski Art Gallery, Mumbai

Select Group Exhibitions

2007 Have You Eaten Yet, Asian Art Biennial, Taiwan
Beijing Art Fair, Beijing, China
Here & Now: Contemporary voices from India, Grosvenor Gallery, London
Inaugural exhibition, Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 Satyagraha, group exhibition of South African and Indian artists, Travanore Art Gallery New
Delhi and Kizo Art Gallery, Durban, South Africa
Pink shop, Part of Hybrid Trends, Seoul Art Center, Korea
Bombay Maximum City, Lille 3000,Lille, France
I am a slut, collaborative video and performance with Amit Kekre, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
KAAM, Aicon Gallery, New York; Aicon Gallery, Palo Alto
KAAM, Kitab Mahal, Mumbai
Annual show, Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 India/Australia cultural and regional exchange, KikArts Gallery, COCA, Perth, Australia
Present-Future, National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
Indian Contemporary Art, Chelsea College of Art, London
Are we like this only? Rabindra Bhavan, Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi
2004 Bombay Boys, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
Gallery 27, Oslo, Norway
Bombay 17, Kashi Art Gallery, Cochi
Red, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
Concepts and Ideas, Cima Art Gallery Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
2003-04 Portraits of a Decade, Cima Art Gallery Kolkata; Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Dots and Pixels, Sumukha Art Gallery, Banglore; Gallery Espace, New Delhi
2003 Parthenogenesis, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Corresponding Latitudes; A Cross Cultural Collaborative Exhibition of Indian and Australian
artists, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
2002 Quotable Stencil, Tao art gallery, Mumbai
Brahma to Bapu; Icons & Symbols in Indian art, Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Cima Gallery,
2001 Annual show, Gallery Wren, Sydney, Australia
2000 Sic, audio-visual Installation, The Fine Art Company, Bombay.
1997 Class of 1997, Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai

Awards and Scholarships

2004 – 05 Awarded Charles Wallace Foundation Award for a residency in Bristol, U.K.
2000 – 01 Gadi scholarship, NLKA, New Delhi
1998 Lalit Kala Academy for Outstanding Drawing in a drawing exhibition
1997 All India Avantika art exhibition, New Delhi
1996 Lalit Kala Academy for Outstanding Painting in the annual exhibition
S.C.Z.C.C. for Outstanding Painting in the annual exhibition, Nagpur, Maharastra
1995-97 Lalit Kala Academy for Outstanding Painting in the annual exhibition